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Michael Franzese Channel Review

A Snapshot of Michael Franzese’s life

While writing about Financial Advice is our primary focus, there are pearls of financial wisdom that can be found everywhere. I’ve been a Mob buff for years. I love learning the history of the mob, watching mob movies and learning the structure of the mob.

Michael Franzese brings an extremely interesting perspective. He was a made man in the mob during the golden era of the mob. He was a caporegime(captain) in the Colombo Family. If you don’t understand what any of that means, it means he was high ranked in one of the most dangerous organized crime groups in American History. As well, he was one of the highest earners in mob history, at one time making up to 8 Million dollars a WEEK from a gas business he developed.

He met who would soon be his wife, got married and went to prison. She was a Christian and influenced him in huge ways while he was locked up. Getting out of prison, he gave his life to Christ and walked away from the mob. For the record, people don’t do that. But he did. He walked away from the mob and lived to tell about it. The majority of the people from his era are dead or in prison.

There’s several reasons that I am reviewing his channel.

  1. To be honest, I just love mob movies!
Ironically, he’s actually represented in the movie.

I don’t know what it is. It low key, drives my wife nuts because she can’t stand mob movies. But some reason it connects with me. Goodfellas was the first one that really connected. And from there, I got into many of them. I love the fun one’s like Analyze This and Analyze That. As well, for instance the Godfather is one of the greatest examples of film being art that I’ve ever seen. The music. The landscapes. The acting. It’s all beautiful.

Also though mob movies have incredible stories but always will end in tragedy because that lifestyle is a tragic lifestyle. Michael Franzese explains this a lot.

He loves Mob Movies too though, that’s why he has something called Mob Movies Monday where he reviews Mob Movies each Monday. And there are always some gems in there.

2. His business lessons are simple but profound.

Michael didn’t make a lot of money simply because he was some dumb crook who didn’t know what he was doing. If that was the case, all of the guys would’ve strong armed their way into this money. They didn’t though and he did. It’s because he had to be business savy. He had to make deals with people where they all won. He couldn’t be greedy.

His book in addition to the above video lays out some of his simple advice. It’s nothing that will shock you but it’s needed and necessary reminders to be successful in business. I really appreciated it!

3. “Contempt for money is another trick of the rich to keep the poor without it.”

The Godfather is the greatest mob movie of all time. Quite possibly the greatest movie of all time. It’s epic to a degree that you rarely ever see.

The pearls of wisdom in the movie are not to be missed. In the above video Michael breaks down several REALLY valuable quotes from the movie.

But what really hit me was this quote above. “Contempt for money is another trick of the rich to keep the poor without it.” I’ve worked in low income communities my entire adult life. I’ve seen how this is so true. One of the focuses of rich people can be to keep the poor at odds with them so they never can build wealth. This is a cornerstone for why I started this blog. Wanting to see low income families learn that building wealth isn’t only about how big the shovel is. It’s also about your mindset. This video is absolute gold.

If you want to get a youtube channel that gives practical advice and teaches some interesting history, check out Michael’s channel. It’s rich.

Overall, I’d say Michael’s channel gets a big thumbs up!!!

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For the record, I know I may never get to do this, but here is my list of MY top 5 Mob movies:
1. Godfather
2. Once Upon A Time In America
3. Goodfellas
4. A Bronx Tale
5. Godfather II

Honorable Mention:
Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone: Godfather III was not a great movie. But when it was released and mixed the way it should’ve been, it was much better.
The Departed

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