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Love Your Boo Better Then EVER, And Spend Less Money while doing it!

Guys, you know the deal. You are trying to do things right for your boo for Valentines Day. You got some flowers. You got some good chocolates. Not the cheap kind. The name brand that you can’t pronounce.

You’re working over time to get her a nice bracelet as well. Valentines Day comes. You come home from work. You didn’t want to spoil anything so you try to be discrete about it. You come home, eat dinner. And then after dinner, give her the chocolates, flowers and the bracelet. You look at her and…she’s disappointed.

You remember that movie Inside Out, when it shows emotions in different people’s minds?

Inside your mind you’re thinking, “Woman, I’ve been busting my butt to try to get you a good Valentines Day? Meanwhile you’re looking all ungrateful.”

Inside her mind, “He comes home late, doesn’t answer my calls and tries to fix it by buying some stuff at the last second! The nerve!”

Ya’ll are speaking two different love languages.

Gary Chapman wrote an amazing book, The Five Love Languages. It really challenged me to learn how my wife receives love and how she shows it. She learned me in the same way and we’ve learned how to love each other well.

Check out this video to learn what the Five Love Languages are:

The Love Languages are Quality Time, Physical Touch, Gifts, Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service.

When you are planning how to love your boo this valentines day, find out their love language and you most likely will save your self a ton of money and heart ache by loving them the way they actually receive love.

What you’ll find is you’ve been buying all of this stuff to try to make her happy and in actuality, she just wanted to spend the day with you. Or you may think that because her love language might be gifts that you gotta buy expensive stuff and find out that she just wants to be thought about.

Love your boo in their love language this Valentines Day!

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