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Graham Stephan’s Story

In the past couple of years, I’ve found myself watching numerous youtube channels as people keep logs of their lives, give advice or share their experiences. It’s actually pretty cool.

I first saw Graham Stephan and was unsure of what I thought. I liked his content but I’m always reluctant when titles of videos seem like click-bate. And he seemed like a young, wonderkid who was rich and letting the world know it. But then I began watching more videos and appreciated who he really is.

I’ve never met him or, until now, never interacted with him to any extent. So my opinions are only based on what I think about his video. And I’ll be straight up with you right now. He’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite youtuber.

I’ll just layout a couple things I like about his videos.

1. His perspectives on finances are balanced.

I felt a kindred spirit with Graham as he shared his opinion on Robert Kiyosaki and Jake Paul. He didn’t share it in a demeaning way, but more so with an objective opinion, being someone who’s tired of click bates and low quality internet content.

He addresses several things about Kiyosaki that I agreed with. One big thing being how he(Kiyosaki) talks about the poor. It’s pretty degrading in my opinion. As someone who has worked with low income people and been low income, I can’t stand seeing a wealthy person that’s arrogant or prideful. Kiyosaki strikes me in that way.

In the same token, Stephan will also give credit where it’s due. He’s not one of these lame guys on youtube who is just trying to tear down the next guy ahead of him to get to the top.

His perspectives on finances really strike me as balanced because he’s not telling you a get rich quick scheme or 3 steps to being a Millionaire. He’s more so detailing his opinion on several financial strategies. And while he is at a financial position that many of us can’t relate to, he keeps himself level headed with his advice. Unlike guys who give reckless advice just because they’re so disconnected from everyday folks.

2. He seems very honest and transparent.

He lays out transparently his finances. Now when you’re balling like him, it can seem easy to share that you’re rich. But in the same token, it’s never a comfortable thing to do. Sharing about not only how much but where you keep you’re money can feel a little scary. But he does so and it’s actually somewhat relieving.

As well, his spending is very sensible for his income amount. It’s interesting because it shows such a parallel to how money is spent when someone who’s never had a million dollars blows it quickly.

3. I agree with MOST of his financial advice.

Graham also really likes real estate and the stock market. That’s the same for me. I don’t mess with Gold, Forex, Guns and Ammo or Multilevel Marketing. I really don’t focus much on the other commodities. Graham is the same. His investment and Real Estate advice is on point in my opinion.

Where we’d probably differ is in regards to credit cards and utilizing loans. I lean a little more towards Dave Ramsey in that regard. I don’t like borrowing money to any extent. I advise people to run from credit cards if possible. There are only a few examples where I’d advise someone to consider getting a secure credit card if they needed to build their credit score. But I still lean heavily towards no.

But like him, I’m huge on saving like crazy, investing your money and living off a small percentage of your income. That small percentage can even be 80-90% that you live off of. Regardless, setting a savings point is important. AND I say this as someone who has paid off debt with 5 kids, a low single income, only by budgeting and living below my means. You can do it!

Overall, If I were you, I’d subscribe to his channel. His advice is legit. His channel gets a thumbs up!

(Btw, he has the Graham Stephan Show that I’ve not watched. This is a review of his Graham Stephan Youtube Channel)

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