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Started from the bottom now I’m here…

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I remember when I first heard Drake’s words. It resonated. It struck a chord with me.

I had felt the bottom. I had been broke.

Food Stamps. WIC. Government Assistance of all forms. Student Loan debt. Credit card debt. Couldn’t afford our rent. Couldn’t afford our utility bills. Brought a baby home and had no heat on a cold day in October. I had been there. And I made my bed there. I had written my story and thought this was it.

Fast Forward some years later.

My wife and I got 5 kids. We got more expenses. Yet we’ve increased our income. Paid off all of our debts. Live at 80% of our income so we can save the rest. We invest for retirement. Increased our giving each year. We are focused on becoming millionaires one day. How?

It didn’t start with income. We were terrible with money. More money wouldn’t have been good. I needed to start by looking at the man in the mirror. I was the problem. More money would’ve been more waste. Thankfully God didn’t increase our income until I proved I was ready. And even then, he never increased it to great extents. We’re still living very frugal. But we are extremely intentional with it. And it’s fun.

This is why I write this blog. Because you can do it. We can earn our way out of government assistance. We can work our way to a better tomorrow. Tomorrow can be better then today. You can take vacations that you completely budget for. You can give your kids a little money for college. You can buy a home. You can retire from a job and spend years serving God in other ways.

Is it hard? Yes! Absolutely. But giving up isn’t an option. You have to fight. You have to deal with your losses because they’ll come. No matter your income, you can improve your situation. It takes a little each day.

Always make tomorrow better then today with your finances by making smart moves.

We started at the bottom. We’re not where we wanna be but we are thankful to be where we are and not be where we used to be.

In the words of Chris Hogan, “we’re focused and not finished!”

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