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The Complete Guide To Money By Dave Ramsey Book Review

There are books that you should have rented at the library. Reasons are that they are good enough for your time but not worth a reread.
Then there are books that you need to always own AND you’ll want to buy for others.

Dave Ramsey’s the Complete Guide to Money is the latter. A Book that you should own. It’s a resource. I go to it often. Maybe it’s because it’s so well structured. Maybe it’s euphoric because it reminds me of going through our wealth journey. Regardless, this book is a must OWN.

In it are 13 chapters that focus on the 7 Babysteps of Financial Peace University. It’s the handbook for Financial Peace University.

Dave Ramsey’s ability to breakdown complex financial ideas into an every day language is what makes this book and FPU so valuable. There are a ton of critics. But I for one am not one. I’m drinking the kool-aid and unapologetic for it.

In addition to the 7 Baby steps, you’ll also learn how to buy a home with no credit, the value of insurance, bargain shopping and career advice among other things.

Financial People get salty because he stresses so much against debt but I like that he does. He reaches a mass amount of people. He has a simple system that anyone can follow. Because of that, trying to justify debt in anyway is like telling thousands of people that there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol. While it may be true for most, the few people prone to alcoholism will be in ruin. While some people can accomplish some things with debt, over all, it’s done such damage in so many families, why would you want to risk advising folks any different. Being debt free only helps. It never hurts.

As well, in the book, having access to all of his forms are also extremely helpful.

I don’t receive anything from him or his organization but I’m forever grateful that he launched me on this journey. I’d highly advise you that if you don’t own the Complete Guide to Money that you would stop and purchase it. An amazing book and resource.

You can buy it through his website here. But if I were you, I’d wait for the annual $10 sale. It’ll be for sale for $10. And if you’re lucky, you may be able to call and talk his sales people down to $10 for the book outside of the sale.

Also, for what it’s worth, his radio show is also fire. Check out his podcast here and his youtube channel here.

Oh, and if you were unsure, this one undoubtedly got a 5 Shade Review!

Feel free to listen to Dave explain the 7 Baby Steps

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