Faith and Finances

God is Holy and how that affects your Finances

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Lets say that I introduced you to a person to work for them. It’s a wealthy man. Very wise. Very kind. But also, very strong.

As you work for this person, you never are asked to do anything that is questionable. Only good deeds. Eventually though while you work for this man you realize that something is unique about him. He begins to entrust you with more and more. He entrust much money and businesses to you to be a steward over. He doesn’t lord over you and watch over your back with everything. He trusts you to be faithful.

As you are handling his money, you see some opportunities to pocket some of his money.
If I was to come to you and to let you know that he’s a trained assassin, would that change your mind on if you should steal that money? Most likely yes.

The interesting thing about that story is that we handle money for God.

While God is not a trained assassin, there is a reality that many of us refuse to acknowledge, God is a holy God. He judges sin. He pours wrath on sin. He gives and takes away. His holiness is nothing to be taken lightly. The consequence of our sins is blood.

While I know that this is a financial blog, I also know that we are given stewardship over his creation. We are made stewards over everything he brings our way. When it comes to finances, we must have a holy fear of who he is. That way no matter our financial status, we are never the most important person in the room. We realize that he must be first in everything.

This is what we call preeminence. If you want to handle money for Gods glory. It starts with remembering who God is. Remembering that when he makes you a steward over anything, it should be done with fear and admiration.

When remembering that God is a holy God and that he is entrusting me with his resources, then when I want to be selfish with his resources, it brings a new perspective. I am entrusted. I am to be responsible with what he has given me. Being entrusted doesn’t mean that I should be wasteful and it also doesn’t mean I should be greedy.

How does God being a holy God affect your financial decision making?

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