What are Debt Ladder Cheerleaders?

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This may be one of the more important parts of fighting debt.

When picking your debt ladder cheerleaders, there are several things to remember:

A. Make sure that at least 1 of your cheerleaders is debt free.

This may be difficult. But even if you can find a cheerleader that is almost debt free, finding someone that has been on the journey and may be a little bit ahead of you is very important.

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Your Debt Free cheerleader is similar to a sherpa who helps mountain climbers. The sherpa goes ahead of the mountain climber and sets up the ropes for the climber. They can let the climber know about challenges and difficulties ahead of the climber.

In the same way, having a debt free cheerleader brings someone on your team who knows the struggle.

B. Let them know your expectations.

If you need them to talk with you weekly or monthly, you need to pursue them and you need to let them know that you need them to cheer you on. Let them know what cheering you on looks like. Maybe they are someone who you know can get you hyped up. Maybe they are someone who you see at church every week and you want them to ask you about the journey every week.

Regardless, spell out your expectation and ask them to join your journey.

C. Have someone that will party with you!

We all have that friend. That person that is always ready to party. They are important to have with you on this journey.

Find that person and tell them that you need them to hype you up for each step of the journey.

The Debt Ladder Cheerleader’s will be essential to your journey.

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