Broke to Blessing

If you’re here, you are like me. You listen to talk radio shows. Podcasts. Read websites and books about wealth building. And in the process you are dismayed that the salaries of the ones seem to succeed many times are $150k/yr. Or a single person making $90k/year. And that is great.

But what about us who aren’t making that much? Can we build wealth while only making $20k/year? Is financial ruin a sure thing? What if we’re on government assistance?

Friends, I’m inviting you on this journey with me to building wealth in practical ways without assuming that we’ll “strike oil” and may have “normal incomes” throughout our lives. And if you are or end up making a good salary, then this advice will help you to achieve more goals.

Follow me on this journey. Let’s learn practical ways that we can achieve our goals. Our dreams, if it’s taking a big vacation, being debt free, owning a home or having control of your finances; let’s reach our dreams together and be overwhelmed with gratitude when we reach these goals.